Friday, January 23, 2009

So excited!

I'm a Kraft Girl!

Got an email from Pam this week and I begin with the February kit! Check out the rest of the talented ladies on the team here. Very excited about working with these gals and the amazing Kraft Girl kits!

The boys and I are home today. It is a teacher workday but I did not have to go in. Just got back from sledding and lunch at McDonald's. It was perfect weather. Lower 30's, not too cold or windy. I took a couple of pics and then my battery died! Hopefully I got a couple good shots.

Thanks for all your great comments on the meal planning and to those who recommended some sites to check out. I am happy to report this week has gone great. I stuck to the meal plan and it really helped alleviate a lot of craziness at dinner time. I will be doing it again for next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


Peggy said...

Congratulations on the DT spot!

Anonymous said...

yahhoooeeeyyy!!! I am so very happy for you!! You are going to rock those kits! They are so lucky to have you!!

happydays525 said...

Yay, congrats! You will have so much fun!

em said...

Congrats!! I really love those kits!!!

vtpuggirl said...

Big Congratulations to you Jenn! And Paula too! Enjoy it!