Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Wanted to take this time to wish all of our family and friends a very Happy Easter! Hope the Easter bunny was good to everyone this year! We are spending a very relaxing day at home, just the four of us. No plans...just do whatever we want. It is kind of a nice change of pace. These are some pics of the boys coloring Easter eggs last night. They did a really good job and even tasted an egg this year. They both hated it. More for Eddie. I don't touch the things.
The Easter Bunny brought lots of candy this morning along with a new webkinz for Connor. A German Shepard he named Travis. Zachary got a basketball he had been wanting and Magic Rocks. You add water and they become crystalized towers of colored rocks. He loves stuff like that. I think the EB did a bang up job, considering it is so hard to find things for boys at Easter.
Now for something super sweet. My friend Aleida tagged me with this award. How sweet is that?

Now it's my turn to reciprocate and here are the rules:
the rules for the *you make my day award* are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. beware you may get the award several times yourself, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved.

I nominate:

Last night, Nicole and Erika came over to scrapbook. As soon as they got to my house we decided we needed to take a trip to Archiver's. We scored big time! They were just putting out the new Making Memories Baby line. Now, I don't need baby themed papers.The backside of some of them were not babyish at all and were too delicious to pass up. On the way home, I couldn't find my turnpike card. I looked everywhere and was afraid I had lost it. Nicole pulled over to the shoulder so we could turn the light on and look for it. Just as we were about to call it lost and pull away, a Highway Patrolman pulls up behind us with his lights flashing. We couldn't stop laughing but pulled it together when he came along side her car with his very bright flashlight. He looked like he was 12! We told him our story and he said he was just checking to make sure we were okay. Whew! And that was our excitement for the evening.

Looks to be a busy week. The boys are on spring break! Enjoy your day!


jadadog said...

Happy Easter Jenn! Now, you stinker! You took all me people in MAKE MY DAY! pppttthhh!!! LOL! Thanks for the award! MWAH!

em said...

Love the egg dyeing photos!! And the police story cracks me up! :) Happy Easter!

Samantha said...

Happy Easter, Jenn!! It sounds like you and the boys are enjoying a relaxing Sunday at home, just like my hubby and I are doing right now.

Rachel said...

You're the one who makes my day! Thanks for the special honor though. You're too sweet :)

Love those eggs pictures, btw!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet Jenn, Thanks!! It's coming right back at ya!!

Linda said...

Jenn, thanks,and right back to you. Love the pics of the egg coloring. I miss doing that and keep saying even though my kids don't do it anymore, that I am going to...but then I dont. LOL... Glad your Easter was great

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy easter! Your boys are so handsome :)
I can picture the police scene... LOL!!!

ricanlaw said...

You are a gem. Showing you some luv. :) Thanks for making me smile.

Nicole said...

really...the kid looked like he was 12, and i barely pulled it together in time.

had a blast as always...lovin' you.


joscelyne cutchens said...

you are so sweet! :) You do make my day... I am so glad we met through AMR! :)

karen (akaliz) said...
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karen (akaliz) said...

oops, that was me on that last one. thanks for stopping by my blog! love the egg photos...hope you had a great Easter!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you all had fun making easter eggs. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!!

Thanks for the sweet "make my day" award. i can't wait until we can actually get together up here. :)