Monday, April 14, 2008

Pinewood Derby Sunday!

Yesterday was Connor's first Pinewood Derby. He and Eddie put in a lot of time making his car and they finally got to see what it was made of. Now, if you have a cub scout you know the rules say your car cannot be over 5.0 ounces. Well lookie here! 5.0 exactly! And yes, the driver is a lego. It seems like yesterday that we were here for Zachary's first Derby and Connor was a three year old toddler who I had to chase after. Fast forward four years. Here he is lining up his car for his first race. He didn't win, but he sure had a lot of fun trying. The best part, everyone got a participation trophy. He was was his first trophy ever!
Right after the races we headed out to see the Cleveland Cavaliers play their last home game before the playoffs begin. We all had a great time and the Cavs even won! Sorry, I can't remember the score. We have Indians tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday night too. Can we fit anymore games in this week?

This is a layout I did for Nicole Harpers challenge on the Studio Calico blog. It was to use numbers. It is quite simple but I love how it turned out. Plus, it got me to write down some feelings about my oldest turning 10. His mama was having a hard time with this one. But it's all good now.
Don't forget to check out Karla Dudley's layouts using the April All Moments Remembered kit.
She made the coolest mini!


moonlightgrrl said...

The derby - how fun!! And such a great car!

Love the LO you did for Nik's challenge. I tried to do one, but my weekend didn't work out that way.

Marfa said...

Congrats to your son! What a great photo of him with his car.

ricanlaw said...

I've never heard of such a thing ie the derby, but how fun. That car is way too cute and he used a lego man. Ha. Lovely layout too.

Penny said...

Your layout is awesome...very cool picture!

Great car with its cute little lego man driver! I'm sure he had a fun time. My husband still has his cars from when he was in boy scouts, too!

All moments remembered said...

OHHHH I remember when my oldest son did the pine wood derby!! Those are great times!!!

Love the Teresa Collins paper layout!! Gorgeous!

Linda said...

Don't have boys, but I had brothers and I remember a lot of that (from a realllllly long time Love that pretty lo. I hope to get to scrap a little tonight

Anonymous said...

Love the layout....ohhh double digits. Just think he was 5 when we met.


paolo said...

Hi Jenn!

I totally remember my pinewood derby days. My cars always did horrible. but I still remember it :)

hope you are well!