Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Wanted to wish all my family and friends a very happy Mother's Day! I hope your day is filled with lots of rest, relaxation and love. And no cooking of course!

This is a picture of me and my mom and dad at Myrtle Beach last August. I won't get to spend Mother's day with my mom since she is in North Carolina but wanted to let her know that I love her and think she is a great mom! Miss you mom! They are coming for a visit Memorial Day weekend so we will see each other soon. As I was searching for a photo to post I realized I didn't have one of just the two of us...we will have to have someone take our picture when she is here for sure.
I was shocked to find out that this layout was one of the featured layouts on Creating Keepsakes website this past week. I didn't even know until Joscie, one of the gals at AMR started a post about it. The other layout featured was by Deborah who is another AMR gal!

In other scrappy news, I got my Scrapbook Trends goody box last week. It was filled with scrappy goodness and two free copies of the magazine. It is my first time being pubbed in ST so I was so excited to see it. If you are interested it is on page 33!
I also received my RAK from Studio Calico this week. Last reveal night they had a crazy avatar contest and I won! It was full of American Crafts goodies! They are one of my favorite manufactures so I was thrilled when I saw it! Thanks again to April and Scarlet and to Jenn who issued the challenge in the first place! Boy, it's been a great mail week!
Guess what's back? Yep, a trampoline. You may remember our other one freakishly blew away during a storm. Well, the boys missed it so much we caved and bought a new one. This time, this baby will be anchored into the ground so it won't end up in our neighbor's yard in a million pieces.
And this would be my third child who had to have the first turn jumping on it! I guess its only fair since it took him two hours to put together!


em said...

Yay! Congrats on the Pub!! And on the CK!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Denise said...

Hey...I bought a trampoline for me. You should see my neighbors stare. I tell them all it is for the nephews and niece, but I am chuckling inside.

Congrats on CK and ST. I love everything you are doing!

stephanie said...

happy mother's day, sweets!
and that LO is fantastic!

ricanlaw said...

Congrats on all the pubs and nods. Awesome girl. I came by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.

Nicole said...

hope your day was awesome my friend...and you deserve every bit of the recognition!!


joscelyne cutchens said...

Hope you had a happy happy mother's day! :) congrats on the pub!

Linda said...

wow, wtg Jenn and Happy Mother's Day back to you.

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhh! On the Ck and St...