Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend recap!

We had a great weekend! The weather could have cooperated a bit more but we managed to do lots of things despite the rain.

Friday night and Saturday morning, Connor had baseball games. During Friday nights game he hit three doubles and made some great defensive plays. I think most of his team was still asleep for Saturday morning's game as they didn't look that sharp. It was the first time I kept track of the books for the game. Let me tell you, you can not look away or talk to anyone for even a second or you might miss something. Good thing Zachary was there to help!

Saturday night Nicole came over to scrapbook. Her husband Mike and daughter Allie were going to the races at the Sandusky Speedway and asked Eddie and the boys if they would like to join them. My boys were looking forward to it all day and wouldn't you know just before it was time to leave there was a bad thunderstorm. The races were cancelled. Plan B...Kung Fu Panda.
Crisis adverted!

Nicole and I were wanting to go to Archivers and we grabbed our third partner in crime, Erika and her daughter Cali with us. Erika's company picnic plans were cancelled due to the bad weather so she was home. It was Cali's first girls night out! She was a trooper and we were able to hit Archivers and the new Cord Camera! I picked up the new Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine and Prima Dude papers! Score!

This first half of Sunday was beautiful. We spent some time in Erika's backyard with her boys and having fun on their humongous Banzai water slide! Then, it started to rain and pretty much rained on and off the rest of the day. We had a great weekend, despite the bad weather! I think we may hit the pool today! It looks like a beautiful day!

Thought I would end this post with a layout. I did this for a Simple Scrapbook sketch they posted a while back. I love that Scenic Route paper!


Jennifer said...

Cute layout, Jenn. Sounds like a good weekend!

Kristii Lockart said...

You did score on the paper!! So happy the crisis was averted! Kung Fu Panda was fantastic!
Love your work!!

walesk said...

I wish I had some of your rain. it's so hot here...
I love those paper lines- perfect for summer & boys! great page too :)

karen akaliz said...

what a fun weekend...nothing like raining and shopping (esp. for paper!)

Elizabeth said...

Love the LO!! Sorry the weather tried to ruin your weekend. Have fun in your pool today! :)

vtpuggirl said...

Love that layout, I wish I could go to an Archivers! I've always wanted to go to one.