Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Buddy

Connor has a new pet. His name is Buddy and he is a cute little guinea pig.

Connor has been wanting a pet of his own for a long time. Zachary has a leopard gecko and a milk snake and has learned tremendous responsibility from taking care of them so we thought this would be something good for Connor to learn as well. Now, let me say I am not a huge animal person but have come to except that my boys are and I have to deal with it. Yes, the idea of a snake, even thought it is small, living in my house, even thought it is in a tank with a locked lid is a bit unsettling to me. But how can I resist when they take such good care of them? It brings them great joy and I love to see them happy. So, I caved. So far, Connor is doing a great job of taking care of Buddy!

Connor is finally feeling better after being sick and missing 3 days of school last week. Zachary was able to bring all his work home that he missed so we could get him caught up and not have a huge pile of work to return to at today at school. I have tremendous respect for parents that home school their kids. After helping Connor with his work, I know for a fact I am not cut out for that!

Looking forward to this Saturday. Nicole and I are going to Scrappy Chic in Michigan for an all day crop! It is a super cool LSS that has a great selection of product. Pretty sad that we have to travel over 2 hours to find anything decent but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! LOL!

Have a great week everyone!


Rita said...

How fun, a guinea pig! Fortunately our boys haven't had the desire for a pet yet...not sure what I'd do if they wanted a snake!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

What a cute little guinea pig! My son just got one last year for his 8th b-day. Have to admit, once I got over the fact there is a RODENT in my house, I have become quite fond of our guinea pig Sam. I am amazed though at how much they eat, and poop!! No snakes here though!!

Denise said...

Oh I can tell he just loves his new pet. That is one pet I wouldn't mind. The snake; however, I would pass out. :o)

Have fun scrapping in Michigan!