Monday, July 27, 2009

He's got a uniform!

Connor is playing tackle football this year and last Friday was the equipment handout. He was so excited and just had to put them on for me so I could get some pictures. This is his practice jersey. The game jerseys have not come in yet. He also has football pants but was way more interested in the helmet and pads. Practice has started and Eddie is one of his coaches. I can't believe he is old enough to play tackle. It seems like just yesterday he was coming with us to watch Zachary play. Now it is his turn and he is way excited!
We took the boys to see Harry Potter last night. We all really enjoyed it! What we didn't enjoy was the price tag! Ouch, it is expensive to go to the movies. Did you know that a small drink is 4.50! It is just crazy what they can charge you! I guess we are spoiled. We have a small mom and pop movie theater downtown that only charges 3.00 per ticket. They play first run movies but only have one screen and it wasn't Harry Potter. So we were forced to go elsewhere and pay 9.50 per ticket. See, I told you we were spoiled! It was worth it though as we all love Harry Potter.
I have two more sneaks of the Kraft Girl August kit for ya today! Have you been checking the blog? There are tons of amazing sneaks for your eyes to feast on! Have a great Monday!


lisa dickinson said...

we have one more year before tackle fb - and i'm SO not ready! hoping to convince Hayden that golf is more fun :)

Michelle said...

love your sneaks :) And I hear ya on the movie ticket prices!!! There's so many movies we want to see so now we just wait for them to come to the dollar flick. The 3 of us can go (and get popcorn) for $13. Much better than the regular prices~

Rita said...

I'm spoiled with our small town theater too! Love your sneaks!!

KariAnnS said...

I painted the Thickers too. Great minds think alike!!