Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our last scrimmage...

went ok. Considering we played last years champs and a playoff team, our boys did ok. Next week it is for real. Finally, after almost 2 months of practice our season starts. This is a picture of Eddie and his defense. Zachary is sort of hidden but you can see the kelly green t shirt hanging out of the sleeve of his jersey.

Hang on, I have to get another cup of coffee. Ahh! That's better.

Was up til 3am cropping with Erika and Nicole. Well Erika didn't quite make it that long. I think she made it until 10:30. Poor thing, she is so tired with this pregnancy. Managed to get some layouts done.

Looks like a rainy day here in Ohio. Zachary has a birthday party to go to and I have a date to clean my car. I am a driver for Zachary's field trip tomorrow and I don't want anything to bite the kids! I will be taking my camera for the day and will post pics tomorrow.


Nicole said...

great pic of Eddie and 'the team'...they look ready to rumble.

have fun on your field trip...i'm sure nobody will get bitten, lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad you two got some good scrapping time in...One of these days i'll make it til at least midnight!!


Laina Lamb said...

glad you jumped in to the bloggin world!

casey boyd said...

What an adorable picture to start out your blog with!