Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pioneer Days

Yesterday was the big Fourth grade field trip to Mill Hollow Pioneer Days.
People volunteer their time to show how people lived, cooked, played, etc in the old days.
It was really interesting. We saw how they made soap, dyed yarns, and took a nature hike.
I was very impressed at how well all the kids payed attention, used their manners and asked

Quick funny story. I was putting on my crocs before we left and Zachary said, "You're wearing those? How embarrassing!" To which I said, "You aint seen nothing yet!" Can't wait until he is a teenager and see how many times Eddie and I can embarrass him then!


Nicole said...

i'll pitch in on the embarassment front as well, lol...between he and Allie we'll get 'em good!

Anonymous said...

I also love that the Croc's are bright hot pink!!

Work It Girl!!


Staci Compher said...

too...funny about the crocs!!!