Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In case you haven't heard, the Cleveland Indians beat the NY Yankees last night 6-4 to win the division! No one really gave us a chance and look at us now! Now it is off to Boston to play the Red Sox Friday night in the American League Championship! I know we can do it! It has been so fun watching the games with my boys and hearing them tease their grandparents and uncle who are big Yankee fans. I have been told that they are now Indian fans and want them to go all the way!

As promised, Here are a few photos of Connor's birthday party. The kids had a blast! Everyone was cheering each other on as they bowled! I was so impressed with how well everyone behaved too! You never know with a group that big.

I think the weather here in Ohio is finally cooling down. Fall is on its way. Which is a good thing. Who feels like going to the pumpkin patch in 90 degree weather?


Nicole said...


totally psyched for the Tribe =)

and look at Connor...man, he looks so mature in that second pic Jenn.

xoxo =)

Fink said...

Yea! Go Tribe is right! I knew we would get there again but it sure has been a long journey! I am one of those nuts who went pumpkin picking in the hot temperatures!

Suzanne said...

great photos! I'm not a sports fan, but hubby doesn't like any team in New York...so, yeah..glad Cleveland won..for hubby's sake! lol!

Peggy Severins said...

Wow gorgeous pictures!