Sunday, October 14, 2007

It was a late night!

Nicole and I were up til 2am watching our Indians stuff the Red Sox in the 11th inning with 7 runs! What a game! We were supposed to be scrapbooking but we just couldn't concentrate with the game on in the backround. I kept getting up and down to see what was going on and just finally decided to watch. Luckily, Nicole is a sports nut too so we hunkered down and watched the game. Nicole taught me some funky superstitions to do with your hands during certain game scenarios. Her hubby Mike was a catcher in high school and college so she has all the moves. For example, when a batter has 2 balls, 2 strikes and there is 2 outs you pretend you are shaking dice in a hat and when the pitcher throws the ball you throw the hat at the t.v. Weird... yes. Fun...absolutely. There were a few others too. Zachary was cracking up.

Speaking of Zachary, his football team won 41-0 yesterday. He had 1 fumble recovery, 1 sack, and tons of tackles. He even got the ball to run in the extra point. He didn't make it but it was a huge deal for him since he really doesn't play offense that much.

We are going to try to go to the pumpkin patch today. Finally have some decent fall weather. Zachary has a birthday party at 2 o'clock for a friend on his team.

I am sensing a theme in our lives. Sports and birthday parties! If you have been keeping up with my blog it seems that is all we do!


Nicole said...

lol...i can't think of anyone i'd rather stay up late to root on the Tribe with. (even if we took turns shutting our eyes, lol)

and for the record...i SWEAR all of those wacky tricks work!! just look at the Red Sox dugout...they were doing it too!


april said...

Yay indians!!!!!!!!