Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last Saturday was opening day for baseball season. This is Connor's fourth year. He started with T Ball, then went to Rookie 7 where a pop up machine pitched to them, and now he has graduated to coach/kid pitch. He has pretty much played with the same group of kids but we did get a lot of new kids this year. I love this picture of him in the dugout. He is always cracking everyone up. This is the first year we play with a catcher. Yep, that's my boy behind the catcher's mask. If you are the catcher, you have to wear a cup. He thinks that is cool. If I had a dime for every time he asked me to hit him "there" I'd be rich!
Here is his first at bat.

He whacked in into the outfield.

He also played first base. New this year for him are baseball pants. You don't have to wear them but he insisted by saying, " Mom, we can slide this year and I don't want to get scratched up". You can see assistant coach Eddie in the outfield in this shot.

He also pitched an inning. (the coaches pitch for 2 innings and then the kids pitch 1 inning) I don't have any photos due to my frantic nail biting. He walked a lot of the batters but managed to get 2 strike outs.
Our second gamed got rained out. We don't have a game today but do have team pictures.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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Debbie said...

How fun Jenn! Your photos make me miss my son as a little boy!! So many great memories!